Essential Tips for a Comfortable and Stylish Gaming Setup
Essential Tips for a Comfortable and Stylish Gaming Setup

Essential Tips for a Comfortable and Stylish Gaming Setup

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Creating that perfect personalised gaming sanctuary takes thoughtful attention to both form and function. We want high-quality, ergonomic gear that allows us to play for hours in comfort without pain or fatigue setting in. At the same time, our spaces should feel like an expression of ourselves through personalised touches and curated decor. 


It has to look just as good as it feels to game within when friends visit our bastions of battlestation awesomeness. Of course, with new tech and games constantly releasing, maintaining that optimal balance between performance and aesthetics takes ongoing effort. 


In this blog post, we want to share some expert tips and tricks for achieving both long-term comfort and visual flair tailored completely to your unique gaming style. 


Choose the Right Chair

Arguably the most important purchase for your gaming PC setup is your chair. You’ll be spending hours in it, so don’t skimp on quality or comfort. Opt for a chair with adjustable lumbar and neck supports that can mould to your body. Make sure the seat padding is thick and the armrests are padded; you’ll thank me later when long gaming sessions don’t leave your back or behind sore. Some top picks for comfortable gaming chairs include the DXRacer and Herman Miller Sayl.


Consider an Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse

While flashier keyboards and mice may look cool, going ergonomic is best for your wrists, arms, and shoulders during prolonged use. Look for equipment with wrist rests and split or vertically-aligned keys to take pressure off your joints. Consider a trackball mouse too; it requires less arm and hand movement than a regular mouse. There are plenty of great gaming PC deals for an affordable keyboard and mouse combo.


Customise Your Desk Space

Make the most of the real estate on your desk. Add small touches that bring your style into the space and keep important gear close at hand. Place your favourite figurines or photos on the desk for visual interest. Store headphones, chargers and other accessories in trays or organiser baskets to prevent clutter. For long computer sessions, a lap desk can allow you to game more comfortably from the couch or bed too.


Prioritise Airflow and Cable Management

Few things ruin a sleek gaming PC setup faster than a nest of cables. Take some time to tidy up the wires and tubes behind or underneath the desk to achieve a cleaner look. Also, make sure your equipment has space to breathe; avoid cramming components into tight, enclosed spaces where they could overheat. Cable sleeves, ties and raceways are handy for getting cords out of sight.


Set the Right Lighting

Mood lighting makes a huge difference in creating the perfect vibe for gaming. But being too bright can cause eye strain. RGB strips are an affordable way to add dimmable, customisable lighting to the back or sides of your monitor, desk and other surfaces. Or target basic desk lamps with adjustable brightness or warmth settings. A soft ceiling lamp works well too for general illumination without being directly overhead. Test different hues and intensities until you find your ideal balance.


Curate Your Wall Space

Empty walls leave a gaming PC setup feeling incomplete. Pictures, art prints and LED panels add visual interest and personality. You can even build your own light panels or decorative elements with strips of LEDs. Monitor mounts free up desktop space too, while letting your displays float neatly above the rest of the gear. And don’t forget ambient lighting—smart bulbs that sync to your game for a true immersion factor.


Use Surround Sound

It’s no fun gaming with tinny laptop speakers. Opt for a 2.1 stereo setup with a subwoofer at the minimum for rumbling bass and positional audio cues to outplay opponents. But really take things up a level by building or buying a 5.1 surround sound system complete with rear and upward firing speakers. Mounting the rear left and right at ear level ensures the best wireless surround audio experience during intense gameplay.


Comfortable Seating Beyond Your Chair

A dedicated gaming PC setup doesn’t have to mean being glued to just one seat. Plush floor pillows, bean bags, or pouffes let guests get cosy too when multiplayer time arrives. Heated throw blankets also prevent chilliness during long sessions in more casual seating. Store remote controls, gaming magazines and food and drink items within easy reach too to keep the ultimate relaxed vibe going.


Stay Organised

A cluttered gaming PC setup makes it difficult to focus on your game and have a relaxing experience. Keeping things tidy is key. Here are some specific ways to do that:


  • Use wall-mounted floating shelves to corral your gear neatly. Pack away excess boxes and manuals to minimise visual clutter.


  • Invest in custom-made risers or stands to neatly stack your consoles, devices and accessories in an orderly vertical lineup.


  • Label storage containers clearly with a label maker. This makes it quick and easy to file away cables, cords and widgets in their proper homes.


  • Install under-desk cable raceways to conceal wiring and keep it neatly contained against the wall out of sight.


  • For controllers, chargers and peripherals, consider acrylic display cases with felt interiors. This elevates their look while preventing scuffs and scratches from loose placement.


  • Inside cabinetry like your media console or shelving units, install adjustable dividers or racks. You can customise compartments for optimised gear storage.


  • Use removable adhesive hooks, Command strips or D-rings beneath your desk and on cabinetry for hanging key items like headsets, lighting remotes or USB hubs.


  • Designate specific baskets, trays or bins for common small items. Examples include game discs, batteries, chargers, cables, and accessories.


  • Conduct regular “declutters” where everything has a home and clutter is donated or recycled instead of piling up over time.


The goal is to corral related items neatly while showcasing your prized possessions. This prevents daily mess buildup, so cleaning is a breeze.



Assembling the perfect gaming setup takes some planning and trial and error to find what works for your space and needs. But the payoff is huge; increased comfort means marathon gaming is actually enjoyable rather than painful. And sprucing up the aesthetics makes the area feel like an extension of your personal style and interests. So get tweaking and personalising for the ultimate relaxed gaming environment!

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