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Songkran 2024, the Thai New Year, awaits you! The occasion for celebration in Thailand marks the arrival of spring and the promise of a new start. Songkran is renowned for its water fights, symbolising cleansing, reverence and good fortune. Other activities include bathing important Buddha images, splashing water on family and friends, folk plays, games, music and feasting.


The day welcomes the upcoming year with a refreshed spirit. The festival carries deep cultural significance beyond the splashes of water and lively festivities, with rituals like respecting elders and participating in merit-making activities. The joyous atmosphere, rich traditions, and community make Songkran an exceptional occasion.


Flights to Thailand are a gateway to discovering the enchanting allure of Songkran, offering insights into the traditions, festivities, and sheer joy that permeates the air during this time. Let’s journey through Songkran 2024 and uncover why Thailand should be your next destination and how you can make the most of your time here.


What is Songkran all about?

Your exploration of Songkran 2024 necessitates a deep understanding of the festival’s essence and cultural significance. It will be celebrated from 13th April to 15th April this year. Here’s a breakdown of what makes this festival a unique and cherished tradition:

  • Spiritual renewal:


Songkran is a moment of spiritual rejuvenation. It ushers in the Thai New Year with a sense of renewal, symbolising the washing away of past misfortunes and impurities. It’s a time for individuals to cleanse their spirits and start afresh.

  • Water as a symbol:


Central to Songkran is the symbolic use of water. Traditionally, water is poured over Buddha statues as an act of purification. Over time, this ritual has evolved into the famous water fights that characterise the festival. It symbolises the washing away of negativity and the welcoming of positivity.

  • Cultural traditions:


Beyond the exuberant water festivities, Songkran is steeped in cultural traditions. One such ritual involves respecting elders and seeking their blessings for the upcoming year. Merit-making activities, like charitable acts and temple visits, are integral to the Songkran experience. It beautifully fosters a sense of community.

  • Joyous community spirit:


Songkran transcends individual celebrations. It embodies a spirit of togetherness and communal joy. Streets come alive with laughter, music, and processions. Locals and visitors join in the revelry and create an atmosphere of unity that is both infectious and heartwarming.

  • Symbolic rituals:


Candle-lit processions take centre stage as the sun sets on Songkran. These processions, known as “Wien Tien,” involve walking clockwise around temples. It symbolises the continuity of life and the journey towards enlightenment.


The water-fueled revelry

The heart of Songkran 2024 lies where water becomes a playful element and symbolises joy, purification, and shared celebration. Let’s plunge into the depths of the water-fueled revelry that defines this exuberant festival:

  • Joyous splash zones:


Songkran’s streets transform into splash zones, where people joyfully engage in water fights. It symbolises the washing away of the past and the collective embrace of a new beginning. Picture streets lined with water-filled buckets, guns, and laughter echoing through the air. That’s Songkran! (The Indian equivalent to Holi.)

  • Playful water battles:


The festival’s signature water battles are more than just a physical activity, they are a spirited expression of camaraderie and fun. Groups of people armed with water guns and buckets join forces in good-natured combat. They create an atmosphere where strangers become friends amid the refreshing chaos.

  • Traditional blessings through water:


In a more traditional sense, pouring water over Buddha statues takes on a profound meaning. It symbolises spiritual renewal, reinforcing the festival’s connection to Buddhist traditions and the pursuit of inner purity.

  • Street processions:


Street processions featuring elaborately decorated floats and traditional music add a cultural dimension to the water festivities. Alongside the lively parades, the gentle sprinkling of scented water by elders on passersby is a ceremonial act. They bestow blessings and goodwill upon the community.

  • Creative water installations:


Beyond the spontaneous water fights, Songkran showcases creative water installations. Sculptures and fountains become focal points of the celebration. They enhance the visual spectacle and provide additional avenues for revellers to cool off and enjoy the festive atmosphere.

  • Revitalising coolness:


The tropical heat of Thailand during April makes the water-based revelry a welcome respite. The cool splashes provide a refreshing escape from the warmth, turning Songkran into a celebration that engages all the senses – a true feast for the spirit and the body.


Best places to witness Songkran

If you are wondering about the best place to witness Songkran in Thailand, the whole country becomes exciting during this time. Let’s learn about a few places where this festival is celebrated in the best possible way.

  • Bangkok:


As Thailand’s capital, Bangkok is filled with energy during Songkran. Khao San Road and Silom Road, known for their lively nightlife, transform into epicentres of water-based revelry. Expect spirited water fights, traditional ceremonies, and a kaleidoscope of colours as locals and tourists unite in the heart of the city’s festivities.

  • Chiang Mai:


Songkran takes on an intriguing charm in the ancient city of Chiang Mai. The Old City’s moat becomes a water battleground surrounded by centuries-old temples. The city’s festivities blend traditional rituals, cultural performances, and the backdrop of historical landmarks. They create an unforgettable Songkran experience.

  • Ayutthaya:


Ayutthaya, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers an eclectic Songkran celebration against the ancient remnants. The juxtaposition of historical splendour and modern water festivities creates a captivating atmosphere. Join the water battles within the old city’s confines.

  • Pattaya:


Pattaya’s beachfront becomes a lively playground during Songkran. With water guns, revellers enjoy beach parties and dynamic water fights. The coastal charm and energetic celebrations make Pattaya a sought-after destination for those seeking a beachside Songkran experience.

  • Phuket:


Phuket infuses its island charm into Songkran festivities. Along the streets and Patong Beach, revellers engage in water battles, complemented by beachside music and festivities. The blend of coastal allure and spirited celebrations makes Phuket an enticing destination during the Thai New Year.

  • Sukhothai:


Sukhothai is known for its historical park and offers a serene Songkran experience with a cultural retreat. Amidst ancient ruins, witness traditional ceremonies, processions, and performances. Sukhothai provides a perfect combination of history and festivity, immersing visitors in Thailand’s cultural richness.

  • Ubon Ratchathani:


Ubon Ratchathani distinguishes itself in northeast Thailand with the “Songkran Thung Si Muang” festival. The city showcases intricate wax candle processions alongside traditional water celebrations. The fusion of artistic expressions and lively festivities provides a distinctive Songkran experience.

  • Khon Kaen:


Khon Kaen’s Songkran celebrations feature cultural performances, traditional rituals, and street parties. Central locations like Kaen Nakhon Lake and Khon Kaen University host water battles and festivities. The city’s atmosphere invites everyone to revel in the joyous spirit of Songkran.

  • Nakhon Si Thammarat:


Nakhon Si Thammarat mixes cultural heritage and water fun. Traditional ceremonies at the city’s temples accompany lively water battles. Experience the cultural immersion alongside the spirited celebrations that make Nakhon Si Thammarat a distinctive Songkran destination.

  • Samut Prakan:


Samut Prakan’s “Songkran Bangnamphung” provides elaborate processions, traditional dance performances, and water splashing activities. The festivities along the Bangnamphung Canal offer a cultural escape near Bangkok. Engage in the city’s blend of tradition and modern revelry during Songkran.


Tips to make the most of Songkran

Make your Songkran experience truly memorable with these practical tips that ensure you embrace the festivities, traditions, and cultural richness of Thailand’s New Year celebration.

  • Prepare for water fun:


Equip yourself with water-resistant clothing, phone cases, and a waterproof bag to immerse in the water fights without worrying about your belongings. Embrace the joyful chaos and engage in the spirited water battles that define Songkran.

  • Respect local traditions:


Familiarize yourself with the traditional customs and rituals of Songkran, such as paying respects to elders by gently pouring water over their hands. Participate in temple ceremonies, merit-making activities, and cultural processions to better understand the festival’s significance.

  • Choose your destination wisely:


Different cities in Thailand celebrate Songkran with varying intensities and styles. Whether you seek Bangkok or the historical charm of Chiang Mai, choose your destination based on the type of celebration you desire. Each city offers a different Songkran experience.

  • Embrace local cuisine:


Songkran is not only about water fights; it’s a time for feasting on delicious Thai cuisine. Explore street food stalls and eateries to savour traditional dishes. Indulge in the flavours of Thailand and join locals in culinary celebrations that add another layer to your Songkran adventure.

  • Protect your eyes:


Wear protective sunglasses or eyewear to shield your eyes from water splashes during the festivities. This practical tip ensures you can fully engage in the water battles while keeping your eyes comfortable and safe.

  • Practice water conservation:


While Songkran is synonymous with water fun, be mindful of water conservation. Use water responsibly during the celebrations, and opt for eco-friendly water-saving practices. This sustainable approach ensures you enjoy the festival while contributing to environmental awareness.

  • Attend cultural events:


Check local event schedules for cultural performances, parades, and traditional ceremonies. Attend these events to witness the richness of Thai culture during Songkran. Engaging in cultural festivities adds a meaningful dimension to your overall experience.

  • Stay hydrated:


The April heat in Thailand can be intense. Stay hydrated by carrying a reusable water bottle. Combine the thrill of water battles with regular water intake to ensure you remain energised and healthy throughout the festivities.

  • Connect with locals:


Songkran provides a beautiful opportunity to connect with locals. Engage in conversations, share laughter, and partake in the communal spirit. Whether participating in water fights or observing traditional rituals, fostering connections with the local community enhances your Songkran experience.

  • Capture the moments:


Bring a waterproof camera or use a waterproof case for your phone to capture the joyous moments of Songkran. Documenting your experience allows you to relive the festival’s excitement and create lasting memories of your time in Thailand.


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As you prepare for an unforgettable journey to Thailand for Songkran 2024, the festivities and cultural richness await. Grab your tickets to flights to Thailand, and enjoy the joyous celebrations of the Thai New Year. Whether it’s the lively water fights in the cities, the traditional rituals in ancient temples, or the coastal charm of Thailand’s stunning beaches, your adventure promises to be unforgettable. Secure your tickets now, and let the enchantment of Songkran become a cherished chapter in your travel story. Prepare to make a splash in the lively water battles and the memories you’ll create during this cultural extravaganza in the Land of Smiles. 


Comment below where you wish to celebrate Songkran this year.

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