North America Pulp and Paper Market Key News, Price Trend, 2021 Size Outlook, Share Value and Industry Forecast to 2029

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The North America pulp and paper market size garnered USD 64.32 billion in 2021. The market is estimated to rise from USD 64.51 billion in 2022 to USD 65.10 billion by 2029 at a 0.13% CAGR during the forecast period. Fortune Business Insights™ has elucidated these inputs in its latest research report, titled, “North America Pulp and Paper Market2022-2029.”

According to the study, packaging paper has become highly sought-after across the U.S. and Canada in the wake of the rising footprint of sanitary and specialty papers. Moreover, soaring demand for packaging and the penetration of big data and smart sensors will fuel regional growth. Stakeholders expect the global push for recycling to play an invaluable role in fueling the industry growth.

North America has a significant pulp and paper industry, historically and presently. It encompasses various aspects including pulp production, paper manufacturing, packaging, and related products. Here’s an overview:

Pulp Production:

North America has been a major producer of pulp, both hardwood and softwood, used as a raw material in paper production. The United States and Canada are the primary pulp producers in the region.

  1. Hardwood and Softwood Pulp:
    • Hardwood pulp is typically made from deciduous trees like eucalyptus and birch.
    • Softwood pulp is derived from coniferous trees such as pine and spruce.
  2. Production Processes:
    • Pulp can be produced through various processes including chemical pulping (kraft, sulfite), mechanical pulping (groundwood, thermomechanical), and semi-chemical pulping.

Paper Manufacturing:

The paper manufacturing sector in North America is diverse, producing a wide range of paper products for various applications:

  1. Types of Paper:
    • Newsprint
    • Printing and Writing Papers
    • Packaging Papers (Kraft, linerboard, corrugated medium)
    • Tissue Paper
    • Specialty Papers (including coated papers for magazines, catalogs, etc.)
  2. Technological Advances:
    • Automation and digitalization have led to improved efficiency and quality in paper manufacturing.
    • Sustainable practices such as recycling and use of alternative fibers are becoming increasingly important.

Market and Trends:

  1. Market Dynamics:
    • The North American pulp and paper industry faces challenges such as declining demand for certain paper products due to digitalization and increased competition from overseas markets.
    • However, packaging materials, especially cardboard and paperboard, have seen growth due to e-commerce and sustainable packaging trends.
  2. Sustainability:
    • Sustainability initiatives are prominent, with companies focusing on reducing energy consumption, water usage, and emissions, as well as increasing the use of recycled fibers.
    • Forest certification programs like the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) are widely adopted to ensure responsible sourcing of wood fiber.
  3. Digital Transformation:
    • Digital technologies are increasingly integrated into manufacturing processes for efficiency and quality improvements.
    • E-commerce and online transactions have influenced paper demand, with a shift towards specialty papers and packaging materials.

Major Players:

  • United States: Companies like International Paper, Georgia-Pacific, WestRock, and Domtar are significant players in the U.S. pulp and paper industry.
  • Canada: Domtar, Resolute Forest Products, and Canfor are among the major Canadian companies in the sector.

Challenges and Opportunities:

  • Environmental Regulations: Compliance with environmental regulations, especially regarding emissions and waste management, remains a challenge.
  • Global Competition: North American companies face competition from producers in Asia and Latin America, where labor and production costs may be lower.
  • Circular Economy: There’s an opportunity for innovation in recycling technologies and development of biodegradable packaging materials to support the circular economy.

The North American pulp and paper industry continues to evolve, driven by technological advancements, sustainability concerns, and changing market dynamics.

Report Coverage

The report offers a comprehensive perspective of the market size, share, revenue, and volume. It has also delved into Porters’ Five Force Analysis SWOT analysis. Quantitative and qualitative assessments have been used to provide a holistic view of the market of North America pulp and paper. The primary interviews validate assumptions, findings and the prevailing business scenarios. The report also includes secondary resources, such as annual reports, press releases, white papers and journals.

Drivers and Restraints

Sensor Technology and Shift Toward Recycling Underscore Growth

With paper mills adopting advanced technologies to boost energy efficiency and streamline information, the North America pulp and paper market growth could witness an upward trajectory. A notable use of advanced sensors could add fillip to the North America pulp and paper manufacturers. Moreover, the penetration of paper recycling to boost transportation, sorting and collection will augur well for the business outlook. The American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) claimed that approximately 65.7% of paper consumed in the U.S. was recycled in 2020. Favorable policies across New Jersey, Wisconsin, California, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island will foster regional growth.

That said, the rising preference for digital media in the print and education industries has challenged leading companies in the landscape.

Regional Insights

The U.S. is expected to provide lucrative growth opportunities following the wrapping & packaging solutions trend. The U.S. pulp and paper manufacturers and suppliers are slated to gain traction from the availability of raw materials and investments in technological advancements in paper manufacturing. It is worth noting that sustainable paper packaging could add fillip to regional growth. So much so that recyclable packaging has become the go-to trend in online retailing, boding well for the business outlook.

Canada is expected to contribute notably toward the North America pulp and paper market share, largely due to the rising footfall of recyclable packaging. Besides, rising concern about the non-recyclability of plastics is poised to encourage end-users to invest in sustainable products. In essence, pharmaceutical, food & beverage and fast-moving consumer goods companies have upped investments in sustainable packaging across Canada.

Pulp and paper are versatile materials used in various industries and applications. Here are some common uses:

  1. Packaging: One of the largest consumers of paper is the packaging industry. Cardboard boxes, paper bags, and various types of packaging materials are made from pulp and paper.
  2. Printing and Publishing: Newspapers, magazines, books, brochures, and other printed materials rely heavily on paper. Different grades of paper are used for various printing needs, ranging from newsprint to high-quality glossy paper for magazines.
  3. Stationery: Office supplies such as notebooks, copy paper, envelopes, and letterheads are made from paper.
  4. Tissue and Hygiene Products: Toilet paper, facial tissues, paper towels, and other hygiene products are made from pulp. These products are essential for daily use and personal hygiene.
  5. Paperboard: Paperboard is thicker and more durable than standard paper and is used for packaging, product displays, book covers, and various other applications.
  6. Construction: In construction, paper is used in products such as drywall, insulation, and roofing materials.
  7. Specialty Papers: Specialized papers include filter papers, electrical insulation papers, abrasive papers, and packaging for food and pharmaceuticals.
  8. Art and Crafts: Paper is used in various art and craft projects, including origami, papier-mâché, scrapbooking, and card making.
  9. Labels and Tags: Many labels and tags, such as those on clothing, products, and shipping containers, are made from paper.
  10. Currency and Security Documents: Banknotes, passports, visas, and other security documents often contain paper components that incorporate security features to prevent counterfeiting.

These are just a few examples of the diverse range of applications for pulp and paper products.

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